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Yoga has been a part of my life for more than 12 years. I found my yoga practice first from a college professor who had the class lie flat on the floor between the desks at the end of class for what I know now as savasana. I then started the physical practice of asana trying out different styles finally falling in love with Vinyasa Flow. Having over 800+ teacher training hours now under various teachers I find my groove within a physically demanding, mind calming, and spirit nourishing Vinyasa flow class. My instruction built on the union between breath and movement with a unique and fun flow to great music will help you find strength, peace and acceptance in body, mind and spirit. When I'm not in the classroom you may find me in the ocean or in the mountains, or maybe just at home with my two golden retrievers Kota and Halley.

Online Yoga!

We call it a practice, flow, workout, meditation, Vinyasa, stretch, breath-work, but it’s all considered Yoga Practice with me anytime online with @mandukayoga and @yogaiaofficial:
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Practice with me anytime at The Green Yogi Online


9:15am Harmony
6:00pm Green Yogi


9:15am Harmony
6:00pm Green Yogi

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Available for Private and Corporate Classes, as well as Yoga for Recovery. Please email me for more information.